January 13, 2012

At last!

Yes! My first digital painting!!! I have been trying to figure lots of this stuff out on my own and I was just getting nowhere. So I found a tutorial online and learned a good bit from that! It wasn't very detailed but i still learned lots! I got so excited as I was finally figuring out how to do this! My version looks very different than the tutorial though, I just changed a few things.

Tutorial by Hatice Bayramoglu


Anonymous said...

i love it! what a fun, new medium for you! now... "nowhere" is one word and in this context you use "than" (comparative) rather than "then." just some notes from your english major auntie :) ... who doesn't capitalize, haha! but that's cuz i'm a rockstar as well as a grammarian.

Rachael Anita McDonald said...

haha I always get then and than mixed up. It should be spelled thean! It would solve my problem.